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by cartoon monster

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released August 10, 2013



all rights reserved


cartoon monster Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: nervousness gift
this nervousness it is a gift
keeps me in the place i would have missed
these butterflies keep me up
higher than most places i would trust
letting go to hold
slipping into the folds
wandering out of control
we broke the mold
this nervousness it is a gift
helps me forget places i have missed
these butterflies open up my eyes
as wide as when my eyes are closed tight
Track Name: salish sea
we'll walk, we'll always walk
unless we ride our bikes
then we'll ride our bikes
we'll climb, we'll always climb
up and down up and down
but always up and up and up
to the salish sea
we'll live this magic life
we'll take the days we'll take the days
we'll take these days
we'll take these days and bask and bask
and bask and bask in the salish sea
Track Name: glowing growing
we dig into the dirt
we dig till it hurts
we collide till we glow
our light will make things grow
we dig into the dirt
we dig till it hurts
we will reap what we sow
we only will grow
Track Name: windowsill
sometimes the best things are hard
the best feelings can weigh heavy on your heart
the intensity of life no matter how smart
like a drug, weighs heavy on your heart
sometimes a cigarette on the windowsill
puts me in a place so real real real
always the arms around me fill
the emptiness i always feel feel feel
Track Name: circus din
stepping outside of the wrong crowd
my thoughts too strong and the din too loud
settling in for the sunset
darkness follows as the train rolls in
the fire seems to recede
but the warmth only grows more deep
Track Name: so much
usually when im inside
you want to be inside with me too
then sometimes i go outside
and youre right there by my side
theres sometimes when im inside
you start to cry and me too
not from sadness or distrust
but because its all so much